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Inside home polluted air than outside

Your home deserves the BEST of care! Breathe cleaner air with Varney's Air Duct Cleaning! Varney Clean Care, Inc. has been certified through NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association)

Why Should You Get Your Airducts Cleaned?

Not Intended For The Squeamish!

The air you breathe should not be making you squeamish. The air you breathe is different when it passes through the crud and decaying material in your furnace's ductwork. That's because your ductwork is a lot like your vacuum cleaner. If you think about it, the main difference is that your vacuum only runs a few minutes each day compared to the hours on end that your furnace fan runs. Every time your furnace runs, things are sucked into your ductwork. Things like dust, pet hair, cooking grease, cigarette smoke and other debris that will stay in your ductwork - until they eventually break down and are released back into the air stream for you and your family to breathe. Anyone who has ever cleaned underneath or behind their refrigerator knows just how much junk a fan will collect. So if you want to know what's in the dark depths of your ductwork, just look in your vacuum cleaner and see what you're breathing too. This alone is reason enough to get your ducts emptied.

Maybe you just "thought" the cat ran away . . .

This sounds extreme, but you wouldn't believe what we find in ductwork. I can't say we've found anything as large as a cat, but we have seen everything else imaginable. Everything from long forgotten victims of De-Con to lost pet turtles that now only resemble small ashtrays. You see, even though you're the best housekeeper in the world, what about the person who lived in the house before you? Unless it's a new house, you don't know what stuff remains in the ductwork from previous owners; stuff could be left behind that depends entirely on what their hygiene, housecleaning and possible smoking habits were (not to mention how they took care of their pets). In most cases, it's probably better that you don't know. You can be certain that if your furnace ductwork isn't clean, you're breathing air that passes through the accumulated dust and crud from everyone (and everything) that has ever lived there. I hope this unpleasant picture doesn't make you swear-off breathing completely - remember, it's still safe to exhale. All is not lost; the debris will be totally removed when you have your system cleaned!

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Recent studies discovered that air quality in 19 out of 20 homes is considerably more polluted than the air outside. Your air system plays host to a variety of pollutants such as bacteria, animal hair, pollen, plant spores, dust, smoke, mold and dust mites. Your maze of air ducts, vents and heating and cooling system designed to make your home comfortable, may in fact, be making you uncomfortable or even sick.

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