Area and Oriental Rug Cleaning in Worland, Cody, and Powell

Area and Oriental Rug Cleaning

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After Rug Cleaning

Do you have expensive oriental area rugs? Varney Clean Care has certified technicians to clean them for you.

What Makes Varney Clean Care the BEST Choice for Area & Oriental Rug Cleaning?

First, we follow a 39 point pre-inspection checklist, some of which includes:

  • Fringe
  • Dyes (bleeding)
  • Ends
  • Pre-existing Problems
  • Sides
  • Previous Cleaning
  • Front
  • Moth or Mildew Damage
  • Back
  • Stains

Secondly, we hand clean every rug using the method right for your rug and your budget. We use gentle, brushless agitation which removes embedded soil, extra dye, and any contamination, as well as dust. Topical treatments are then applied to protect your investment. Treatments range from moth treatment, fabric protection, and deodorization. Lastly, after the rugs are groomed and dried, we wrap and deliver them straight to your home.

The following are the steps to properly cleaning your rug.

  • Pre-Inspection – A certified technician will inspect the rug to determine its needs and look for any particular conditions. This includes testing the fibers to find out if the dyes in the fibers are stable. If they decide they are not, then they use a special procedure to keep the dyes from bleeding.
  • Dust - Dry particulate soil removal, using the power of compressed air, is the most thorough and safe method of pre-cleaning rugs.
  • Wash – A certified technician will hand-wash in a submersion bath. This will assure a complete cleaning. The further use of compressed air, underwater, assists with a "Jacuzzi" effect for gentle agitation.
  • Decontamination Bath - Odor sources and contamination such as urine, mold, or insect infestations determine the use of the appropriate treatments and procedures. All natural fibers require decontamination for their protection and preservation. We cannot guarantee the complete removal of mold, as it often stains the fibers.
  • Rinse - Complete flushing away of both soils and cleaning agents allows us to achieve drinkable rinse water conditions.
  • Dry - The importance of speed and efficiency during drying is achieved in our controlled atmosphere drying room.
  • Post Detailing - Final spotting to remove any foreign matter possible will be done with safety considerations towards the fibers and dyes as a priority.
  • Fabric Protector (Scotchgard®) –This is the final step in caring for your rug.
  • Area Rug Padding - We have several available styles to choose from for your specific needs. Padding protects both your area rug and the floor.

Helpful tips for you concerning your expensive Oriental area rugs

  • Know your rug and its characteristics
  • Maintain your rug with love and care
  • Select your rug cleaner carefully
    1. Ask for their experience in the field
    2. Ask for their certification and training history
    3. Review their inspection and rug cleaning process

If you are wanting the your rug cleaned by certified and trained professionals who know how to take care of your rug, call 307-347-6161 to schedule your appointment today.