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Carpet Maintenance

Carpets tend to be an important but often overlooked element in most homes, particularly in very busy households. However, it is important to perform regular maintenance work on your carpets, not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for health and hygiene purposes. Besides getting visibly dirty from normal wear and tear, foot traffic, drink and food spills, or pet stains, carpets can also retain unpleasant odors, as well as allergens, such as: dust, pollen, dander, or even dust mites, if not cleaned regularly. Lack of maintenance can also shorten a carpet’s regular 10 to 15-year lifespan, which could result in unwanted costs down the line.

In order to avoid these inconveniences, here are some basic tips on keeping your carpets looking great for a long time.

Get to know your carpet

What is it made of? What is the backing made of? Is it synthetic or natural? How is it dyed? These are some of the questions that you need to answer to figure out how to properly care for your carpet. Learn the characteristics of your carpet during the selection process, and ask the manufacturer or reseller to provide you with the correct cleaning and care instructions for the type that you have selected.

Clean up spills ASAP… and do a spot test

If you do spill anything onto a carpet, blot it out ASAP with absorbent materials such as paper towels. Don’t let the spilled liquid soak for too long, and most of all, do not rub it deeper into the carpet once you do decide to clean it up. After trying to get out as much of the liquid as possible, refer to your carpet’s specific care instructions and use the recommended products and methods. Even then, before you dive into cleaning the process, perform a quick a spot test first on a hidden-away corner of your carpet, just to be sure that the tools or cleaning products you are using are indeed safe for your carpet.

Vacuum regularly

It sounds very simple, but a lot of people tend to ignore this, especially if they have very busy schedules. It’s important to vacuum regularly (especially in areas with high foot traffic) so as not to let dirt build up, because it’s much easier to get surface dirt out, rather than have to resort to deep-cleaning methods when the dust, debris, and grit have settled deep into the carpet, and in between fibers. Accumulated dirt in the carpet can also provide a site for germs and bacteria to grow, and it can also attract insects, so it is best to deal with dirt early on.

These are just a few easy, basic tips for carpet maintenance. However, for large jobs, or for carpets that require specialized care, enlisting the help of professional carpet cleaners is the best option.

We at Varney Clean Care can provide you with everything you need in order to keep your carpets fresh and clean. If you’re in Worland, Wyoming and its surrounding areas, and you need your carpets cleaned – whether it’s an entire home’s worth of synthetic carpets, or a single oriental rug – our team of highly-trained, professional cleaners can help you out. With over 25 years of experience under our belt, there’s no carpet cleaning task that we can’t handle. Contact us now at 307-347-6161 for a free on-site inspection and estimate, and get started on the process of ensuring the beauty and quality of your carpets.