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Carpet Restoration

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Sometimes, accidents can happen in our home, whether it be a fire, or widespread flooding, or even just a busted pipe in the second floor bathroom. When things like this happen, and after the dust settles a bit, one of the biggest headaches that homeowners have to face would be dealing with water damaged carpets that probably span the entirety of the house, or maybe even on all levels of the home. At times like these, you will need carpet restoration services that can only be provided by professional cleaners and restorers such as Varney Clean Care.

One of the first things that we do would be to stop the source of the water, and determine whether the water that seeped into your carpet is sanitary or unsanitary. From there, we can recommend which steps to take next, and which products to use. The next step would be to remove all excess water before the carpet itself is cleaned, disinfected, sanitized, deodorized, and dried, before being reinstalled, if possible.

However, even after drying, carpets can end up warped or stretched, and a good restoration job will have to re-stretch, trim, or patch it up, in order for it to fit properly again. Restorers will also have to treat it with certain products in order to restore the carpet material’s characteristics to superior form.

For over 25 years, Varney Clean Care has been helping the residents of Worland, Wyoming and its surrounding areas with the difficult task of restoring their homes after floods or fire, and we have perfected our methods at ensuring that your home (and its carpets, of course) is restored in the best possible way. We guarantee excellent workmanship, as carried out by our team of highly-trained and professional cleaning and restoration staff, and we use top-notch equipment and cleaning materials.

Our lines are open 24/7 to better respond to emergencies, and we can bill your insurance company directly for a hassle-free transaction. If you ever need excellent carpet restoration services, feel free to give us a call, and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you, and can provide you with Varney Care personnel to conduct free on-site inspections and estimates.

Contact us at Varney Clean Care at 307-347-6161.