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We love our carpets because they make our homes beautiful and comfortable, and we also love our pets because they bring happiness into our lives. Unfortunately, our pets might not feel the same about our carpets and may leave stains on it, especially if they haven’t been properly toilet-trained or are ill.

When dealing with pet stains, especially urine, the first thing that you have to do is to try to get as much of it out of the carpet as possible. You can do this by soaking up the area with a combination of newspapers and paper towels until most of the moisture is gone.

After that initial clean-up, you can use a number of methods to try get the stain out, such as:

  • Cold water. Work your way from the perimeter of the stain, to the middle, by pouring small amounts of water at a time. This is to dilute the stain so that you can try to get it out using newspapers or paper towels once more.
  • White vinegar and baking soda. For stains that are a little tougher or with more prominent discoloration, pour white vinegar to soak the stained spot, and then pile on a handful of baking soda right on top of it. The reaction between the baking soda and the vinegar should cause the stain to come right off of the carpet. You might need to leave this mixture on your carpet for a day or two before sweeping it up or vacuuming, though, so make sure to cover it so that your pets can’t get to it!
  • Bleach and warm water. For light-colored carpets, try spraying some diluted bleach (10 parts water, 1 part bleach) on the stained spot. Let it sit for about a minute before rinsing it out with some warm water, and repeat the process as necessary, until the stain is gone.

Just remember that when attempting pet stain removal on any carpet, make sure that you are aware of the materials and make of your carpet. You should also know the proper care instructions, as well as the types of cleaning agents that you can safely use on the area. If you are unsure, try doing a spot check on a hidden or unseen corner of your carpet first in order to check if there will be any fading or discoloration.

Your safest option, of course, would be to enlist the help of carpet cleaning professionals like Varney Clean Care. Our team of professional carpet cleaners is equipped with top-of-the-line equipment as well as the necessary skills to get rid of stubborn pet stains. The high quality of our work can be attested to by our long list of satisfied clients, even after more than 25 years of servicing Worland, Wyoming and its surrounding areas.

So if you need help removing the unsightly spots that your pets have left behind, contact us at Varney Clean Care at 307-347-6161 and get a free on-site inspection and estimate, as well as valuable advice on how to keep your carpets clean and looking great!