Wet Carpet Cleaning in Worland, Powell, and Cody

An infographic on why you should choose Varney Clean Care for your carpet cleaning services.

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If you’ve ever requested for carpet cleaning, you may have been asked if you’d want your carpet cleaned using a “dry” and “wet” method. We call the “wet” carpet cleaning method by its other name, the steam cleaning method. It works by soaking detergents with hot water, and this is what cleans your carpet, not only the hot water. Despite the name, not even the dry chemical cleaning is completely dry; it also uses a small amount of water.

As the wet carpet cleaning does involve water, it takes more time before the carpets are ready to be walked on. For the patient people, however, the results far outweighs the time it takes for the carpet to dry.

Clean Before Steam

Carpet steamers are different from vacuums. Their purpose is to wash and dry the carpets as best they can, removing grime along the way. If you wish for them to thoroughly clean all the possible dirt out of your carpet, thorough vacuuming is a vital step before attempting steam cleaning. And when we say thorough, simply moving a vacuum cleaner over the carpet is not enough.

You should have a clean room, void of all objects. As much as possible, aim for the room to be completely empty, save for the carpet itself. Make sure to dust your baseboards so that the dust from them won’t fall back onto your carpet, making a cyclical cycle of cleaning that may never end.

Clean in Two Directions. Instead of the usual back and forth motion, vacuum slowly in one direction, and repeat from a 90-degree angle. This twists the carpet fibers and is a handy technique. This makes sure that when you vacuum from different directions, every side of the fiber gets cleaned.

Steam-Cleaning Pros & Cons

Easy but Time-Consuming. Steam-cleaning means that you only need three things: a rented or purchased machine, hot water and some detergent. Unfortunately, the wait is a considerable 12 to 24 hours before you can walk on the carpet. However, if you employ the services of a professional steam-cleaning service, the carpet tends to dry more quickly, as these companies use a far more powerful machine than ones that can be rented or purchased for personal use.

Stains reappear within a few days after cleaning. There are solutions available on the market that can eliminate these problems, but pet or chemical stains require multiple treatments, or accept that the stains cannot be removed.

It’s advised that you steam-clean carpeting at least once a year, but if you have young children and pets, or suffer from allergies, or if you use shoes indoors, you’ll want to steam-clean the carpets more often.

Your safest option, of course, would be to enlist the help of carpet cleaning professionals like Varney Clean Care. Our team of professional carpet cleaners is equipped with top-of-the-line equipment as well as the necessary skills to professionally clean your carpets. The high quality of our work can be attested to by our long list of satisfied clients, even after more than 25 years of servicing Worland, Wyoming and its surrounding areas.

So if you need help in steam-cleaning your carpet back to its pristine state, contact us at Varney Clean Care at 307-347-6161 and get a free on-site inspection and estimate, as well as valuable advice on how to keep your carpets clean and looking great!