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Any business owner knows that it can be a devastating event when your establishment is affected by events such as flooding or fire. It can lead to various degrees of damage and even leave harmful residue that can still cause secondary damage over time. This in turn, can lead to massive financial losses and additional expenses, and worst of all, cause work stoppage and loss of crucial data and equipment.

In cases where a property does get affected by disasters, it is crucial to begin the cleaning and restoration processes as soon as possible in order to avoid further deterioration. For situations like this, make sure to only enlist the help of professional and highly-skilled cleaning and restoration companies such as Varney Clean Care.

We at Varney can provide the assistance that you truly need in the effort to rescue and restore as much of your property as possible. We are available at all times of the day and night and can quickly respond to emergency clean-up situations, so that the process of recovery can begin immediately.

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After securing the premises and removing the primary causes of damage, the next step is to set about cleaning and restoring structural features such as floors, walls, and ceilings. Varney Clean Care Cleaning and Restoration Services Greybull WY

It is then also easier to begin restoration work on other items such as furniture, upholstery, appliances, and equipment. As part of our service offerings, we can also assist you in the process of content recovery which is essential for any business operation. We have the knowledge and equipment necessary to try to recover photographs, documents, books, as well as electronic data that may have been affected by water or smoke. By helping you recover your content and data, we are assisting you on getting your business operations back on track.

Trust the Best in the Business, Trust Varney Clean Care

We have been providing our services to homes and businesses in Greybull, WY and nearby areas for over 25 years, and our long list of satisfied clients can attest to our dedication to ensuring that all our customers receive the assistance that they require, and it is also a testament to the high quality of our work.

If your commercial or residential property requires emergency clean up and restoration services, be sure to contact Varney Clean Care as soon as possible by calling 307-347-6161. Our friendly staff is on standby 24/7 to answer any inquiries, as well as to dispatch personnel to your area immediately to conduct an on-site inspections and provide you with accurate, and reasonable estimates.

Learn About Greybull, WY

Varney Clean Care Cleaning and Restoration Services Greybull WY

Greybull is a town located in Big Horn County, Wyoming, in a valley where the Bighorn and Greybull rivers meet. It is named after the Grey Bull River, which in turn takes its name after the rare albino bison that can be found in the area and which were sacred to the local Native American tribes of the town. However, the town was not really established until as late as 1906, mainly due to the arrival of the railroads. This new means of transportation created many new jobs, introduced new industries, and drove an increase in commercial growth in general.

These days, Greybull remains a mostly agricultural community, though its other main industry is the mining and processing of bentonite, or pure volcanic ash which is used in various commercial products. Tourism is also another main driver of the town’s economy and there are a number of museums here that specialize in paleontology (as the area is also rich in dinosaur fossils), as well as railroad and local history. The town also serves as a popular stop for hikers and mountaineers who are making their way to the Big Horn mountain range, or other natural attractions where visitors can go camping, horseback riding, hunting, and fishing.

Other attractions at Greybull include the Greybull City Park, the Midway Golf Club, and the Bighorn National Forest.

Customer Reviews from Greybull
Elaine J from Greybull, WY
4.5 Stars
Aug 30th, 2018
So happy to have this done. Will probably have Varney do my personal home after seeing the work in the office
DBW from Greybull, WY
5 Stars
Aug 8th, 2018
Toni is a drop dead wonderful good employee. She did an amazing job. There were 2 spots that the guy who cleaned last year couldn't get out in her father-in-law's bedroom . Toni got them out.
Therese Mead from Greybull, WY
5 Stars
Jul 14th, 2018
We were very happy with the service. No complaints
Testimonials from Greybull, WY
Testimonial from Ione Craft of Greybull, WY
Air Duct Cleaning - This was our first. We wonder why we waited so long to have it done! We were told how the job would be done, how long it would probably take and readied us for the noise of the vacuum so we could soothe our little dog!
Testimonial from Jeff Sukut of Greybull, WY
Looks great! Much better than their competition. The rugs were previously done and we were unhappy with the other folks.
Testimonial from Margaret Randolph of Greybull, WY
Very good workers. Do a very good job. Cleaner smells good. Both girls worked at once. They used a special treatment where rug smelled bad.
Estimate Request from Greybull, WY
Kyle Y. on November 20, 2015 6:53:04am
Please give me a call if you are looking for help. Thank you.
Barry B. on March 29, 2015 9:55:28pm
Carpets to be cleaned in Greybull, WY. 4 brs, landing, stairs, family room, and small hall.